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"It'll be one heck of a ride but worth it."

I was injured in 2011. I was seriously hurt while working on the job. I thought that the "brotherhood" was going to take care of me. The IBEW has their own system for handling injured workers. Toward the end of their system, I was offered $75,000 to say thank you and goodbye. This injury was such that I could never again return to work, instant retirement. While going through the alternative dispute resolution process, I was informed that I should seek counsel with Lawrence Stern esq. Since our first meet the wheels began to roll and in the early part of 2021 approximately 9 1/2 years later I ended up with a lifetime retirement, a lump sum of cash, which was many times more than the original $75,000 and a friend.
The one thing that I can say about Larry, is that if he believes in your case, you have a winner behind you. He reminds me of a racehorse, give him his head and get out of the way and hang on. It'll be one heck of a ride but worth it. He knows this business and he knows his job!! Honest and fair!"

– J.Evans on Google